I often get asked is a Make-up trial important

Wedding makeup - Bride Nicola Murphy Ireland 2021
The short answer is yes.
Every Bride wants to look great and feel fabulous on the big day and the trial is the perfect opportunity to try out what you are looking for, it gives me a feel of your style and what you are looking for. I normally recommend that people do the trial when they are going somewhere, like a wedding or a party, ideally a couple of months before the big day, I hate to see a good makeup go to waste. It’s a great way of putting your mind at ease knowing that we can recreate your perfect makeup on the big day.
When deciding on a look for your wedding day I normally suggest to brides that they want to be a more polished version of themselves. So if you don’t normally wear a lot of make up we would work to your comfort level.You want to feel great and still look like yourself.

What to bring:

Some pictures of what you’re looking for. Ideas for your hair. If you are going to wear a tan have a little bit on ( we would always match up your skin tone on the day but it helps build a picture up in your head). Colours that you like. The makeup trial gives us the opportunity to chat about your expectations and it’s a great opportunity to try out different looks to what you would normally do. The make-up trial normally takes about 1 hour to an hour and a half. Ideally plan to have your makeup done at the same time you are getting married as you can see the staying power of the makeup. Often brides tell me they look the same going to bed as they did all day so no need to worry about longevity.
At about face make up we come to your house so you can relax on the big day but the trial is an idea time to talk about your schedule and how you want the day to flow while we recreate your perfect look in a timely fashion.

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