What to expect the morning of the wedding

Sabrina wedding day

Hiring a professional makeup artist reduces the stress of getting glammed up and adds a little touch of luxury and pampering to your big day. When agreeing on the time it is advisable to have all makeup applied 1 hour prior to the time you will be leaving for your ceremony . This is to allow  time for dressing and for photographer photographs

With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry I have seen my fair share of wedding and I love them. It is such an honour to be part of the wedding morning preparations, helping a bride get ready, making everyone comfortable, relaxed as well as beautiful. My mission is to work with each bride to bring out their natural style creating a look that instils confidence and that will last into the early hours. I want people to say, “you look beautiful”, not that your makeup looks beautiful.

On the morning of the Wedding we would arrive at the assigned time, this sets the tone for the day. Our job is to make your day run smoothly so I would normally allow about 45-60 minutes to recreate your perfect make up look and the hair will roughly take about the same..

I would allow about 30 minuets for each Bridesmaid and mother of the bride. I love the morning of the wedding there is always great excitement and it is wonderful to be part of that, I have been told I have a great calming influence on the madness that is the morning of a wedding  and because we come to your house it means you can just sit back  and enjoy the day!

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